Weird Celebrity Foods: What The Great Ate

Gross, Unusual & Ironic Vices of the Rich & Famous

Posted by on Aug 5

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Eating courageously isn't just for folks like Andrew Zimmern anymore. Quite a few A-list celebrities have some dangerous and unusual eating habits up their sleeves.

For example, actress and UN goodwill ambassador Angelina Jolie tried eating bee larvae and cockroaches while traveling in Cambodia with her son Maddox. She wasn't fond of the larvae, but discovered that she had acquired a taste for the latter, and in fact encouraged her son to try them as well. "They're a meaty, high-protein snack food," she said, "But there's this very pointy bit on their stomach you just can't eat. You have to kind of pop that off."

Artist and printmaker Andy Warhol had a guilty pleasure as well: desserts. Lots of desserts. Those who knew him well said that he would often visit a pastry shop, bring home an entire cake, and eat it all by himself. Sometimes during a massive dinner party, he would abstain, explaining, "Oh, I only eat candy." After his death, his collection of cookie jars was auctioned off for a quarter of a million dollars.

Actor Clark Gable, nicknamed "The King of Hollywood" in his day, often had business colleagues and female costars complain about his putrid breath -- and reasonably so. Gable had a fascination with onions. He would often eat them raw, with or without bread.

Another early raw-foods aficionado, Steve Jobs founded his company after his favorite fruit: the apple. One of his first occupations was working in an orchard in high school. In fact, after dropping out of his first semester at college, he experimented with an all-apple diet, claiming it might eliminate his need to take a bath. He now acknowledges the endeavor wasn't a success.

Other surprising celebrity food stories and more can be found in "What the Great Ate: A Curious History of Food and Fame" by Matthew and Mark Jacob.

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