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West Bend Automatic Can Opener This electric can opener from West Bend is as stylish as it is efficient, available in five bold colors to match any modern kitchen decor. You'll probably still want it even if you live in a log cabin.

Only nine inches tall and compact in design, this can opener will handle any standard can that fits between the cutting wheel and the counter. Small cans can be a nearly hands off procedure--just fit them to the machine and lock the handle down and the work goes on without you. Larger cans will require some counterbalancing.

You can also sharpen most plain edge kitchen knives with the built-in grinder on the back of the unit, but don't expect the best results from a can opener/grinder. Use better methods on expensive cutlery. When not in use, you can tidy up by storing the power cord in the unit, not around it. Power consumption is light, only 70 Watts, and since use is normally intermittent there's not much worry about overloading the machine.

Cleaning will be done by hand, and attention should be paid to the space behind the cutting wheel as well as to the gears. Cleaning often removes lubricant, which shortens the life of any machine. An occasional drop of mineral oil on bearings should help. The one year limited warranty covers any immediate problems and this can opener has a history of lasting well beyond that period. This is not the usual throw-away machine--replacement blades are available from West Bend, to keep this easy-action product working like new.

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