West Bend Commercial Coffee Maker Urn

Aluminum 100 Cup 33600

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West Bend Commercial Coffee Maker Urn The simplest of features can be taken for granted when you're dealing with a coffeemaker at home. A lack in options isn't as glaring
when you only make a few quick cups a day. Maybe you make an adjustment here, an alteration there. Those same small promises you may have to make to get the best out of your morning brew are amplified, multiplied many times over, when you're dealing with a commercial size urn. Features you may have never needed before become vital.

The instructions for this urn are printed on the faceplate, so new users won't have to guess. Interior water level markings are provided, because it is too hard to try to judge from looking over the rim, and there is no carafe to measure water as you add it. The urn brews fast for the volume it creates, one cup per minute, and then keeps the coffee at serving temperature. The coffee-ready serving light lets you know when brewing is complete. A level gauge on the front shows how much coffee is left inside. For best results, the metal brew basket of grounds should be removed as soon as brewing has completed. This prevents bitter oils from affecting the taste.

Just pull the handle of the two-way dripless faucet to dispense. The spout can also lock open to fill larger containers. The urn works best with a medium-grind coffee. It can also heat large quantities of plain water. Made in the USA from polished aluminum, it would make a fantastic addition to any church, regular meeting, office setting, or even for families who gather at the holidays. It makes enough for everyone to be served, and no one has to miss even a moment running back and forth to fill or reset.

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