West Bend Oblong Slow Cooker

Crock Pot 5 Quart 84905

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West Bend Oblong Slow Cooker Prepare small or large amounts of food in a variety of ways in the West Bend Slow Cooker. The vessel has a nonstick interior cooking surface. The cooking pot is safe for the oven, stove, and freezer, and comes with a glass lid. The base can also be used by itself as a nonstick griddle. Use the keep warm setting for heated seconds and safe holding temperatures. The metal pot and glass lid are dishwasher safe. Starter recipes for dinners and desserts are included with the cooker. This item has a one year limited warranty and is UL listed.

Items can be browned in the cooking pot before placing it on the heating base. The temperature control has a variety of heat settings to select from. Instructions in the manual should be consulted regarding whether to season the pot or not after certain types of cleaning and use. The manual also contains helpful tips on how to achieve the best results with different foods, how much liquid to add and how to adjust seasoning.

If you enjoyed owning a crock pot, you will be even more happy with this appliance. While the pot is metal, this version does more than the traditional model, essentially combining several products in one for even greater convenience and utility. An extremely useful and long lasting twist on the slow cooker.

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