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West Bend Slow Cooker Aah, the venerable slow cooker. Much like a tea kettle, this appliance does not need the latest breakthroughs in technology to do its job well. A large pot and a steady controlled heat source are all you need to prepare awesome meals well ahead of time.

This model from West Bend has all the necessary features; a 6 quart pot, in this case, made of stainless steel with a non stick interior. Stainless steel is very popular, and durable of course. The ideal material for a slow cooker is the heavy ceramic "crock pot" due to its ability to spread the heat from the heating base throughout the pot, resulting in less burning on the bottom. This is more difficult with a steel pot such as this one, so keep in mind that it can require more attention during cooking. The large size is great for chickens, roasts and family size batches of chili, while the heavy steel handles offer a sure grip for transporting said batches of chili back and forth.

The other feature that West Bend promotes is using the base as a "Mini Griddle" for cooking burgers, eggs, toasted sandwiches and the like. They must be referring not to the size but the grilling ability as "mini" since this is only 275-Watts. Ample power for a slow cooker but not for a griddle. This model is a bit pricey for what you get, however if you like the size and the looks it should prove a solid performer in your kitchen.

One more thing- If you don't have a "slow cooker" cookbook, buy one ASAP! There are so many great ideas for super easy meals and treats, and you really must have one in your kitchen library in order to take full advantage of one of these.

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