West Bend Stand Mixer

Stainless Beater w/ 2 Bowls 12 Speed

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West Bend Stand Mixer I inherited my mothers old stand mixer and used it for years. The coolest thing about it was the streamlined appearance and aerodynamic shape. It finally died and I had to shop for a new model. What I love about the mixers of today is that they still have that wonderful "retro" styling and look as if they are about to launch into orbit.

Take this West Bend model: 300-watt motor, sophisticated electronic controls, yet it wouldn't look out of place in a 50's kitchen. The other welcome feature is the shape of the bowls. Large, stable and wide enough to get a spatula in to scrape down the sides without having to stop and lift the mixer out of the way. Just like Mom's. And it comes with dough hooks along with the beater blades.

The mixer is removable from the stand by pressing in the clip holding it in place. You can then use it as a somewhat oversized hand mixer, and rest it on its flat motor base while off the stand. There are 12 speeds plus a "Power boost" button on the top. The mixer has an electronic sensor that detects the load and automatically adjusts the motor speed and power. My old mixer let me know when the load was too great by producing acrid smoke and sparks.

Out with the old and in with the new, that's what I say. Especially when the new retains all the charming looks of the old.

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