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White 3 Tri-Blade Spiral Blade Set

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World Cuisine Spiralo Vegetable Slicer Especially popular with raw food enthusiasts, the Spiralo 3 from World Cuisine quickly transforms suitable produce like sweet potatoes and zucchini into beautiful spiral slices and two sizes of "vegetable pasta." Even with the one year warranty, the lightweight ABS plastic construction will require some extra care in actual use.

The spiralizer will not work with every type of vegetable. Choose firm root vegetables of medium size and remember that a 3/8" core will be punched out of the middle by the process. If you are working with a slender carrot, for example, it won't yield much and may not even hold together in the machine. If you try a large diameter white potato, that may be too much cutting torque for this machine. Experiment a little. If critical parts bend or the produce jams against the cutting blade, reconsider. There's a middle choice that works.

Side pressure, that you provide, is what drives the machine--and too much of that can't be good for the ABS plastic crank and handle, so be careful. The machine does have some useful perks, such as built-in storage for the three cutting blades and suction cup feet that help hold the machine in place on tables or counter tops during use. All parts should be cleaned carefully by hand after use--though rated dishwasher safe, the high heat of a dishwasher can weaken plastic parts. Rinsing is not enough, even if info-mercials say it's so--you will need a little mild detergent and rubbing along with that rinse.

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