Wusthof Classic Bread Knife

Kitchen Stainless 9 Inch Full Tang Cutlery

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Wusthof Classic Bread Knife Designed for quick slicing of hard crusted breads, the Wusthof Classic 9 inch Bread Knife makes perfect cuts even through soft white bread and cake that would crush and tear under a lesser blade. The extra blade length allows extra slicing movement on each stroke and makes clean cutting easy.

Forged in the comfortable older Wusthof pattern that made the company's reputation among both professional and home chefs, the bread knife has wide wavy serrations to help zip through tough crusts. The sharp edge, hand honed by Wusthof craftsmen, slides cleanly through the soft interior. There's more strength here than is necessary, with a stout bolster and full handle tang. Composition handle slabs, durable and gap free, are fitted to the tang with three solid stainless steel rivets.

The same stainless steel used in Wusthof's other knife patterns gives this pastry knife a tough edge that stays sharp. The serrations make re-sharpening a job for the factory, but that should seldom be necessary if you give this knife proper care. Store it in a wooden knife block to protect the edge, and wash it by hand. Letting food dry on the blade may blemish the steel, and the high vibration of a dishwater, as well as harsh detergents, may damage the edge.

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