Wusthof Classic Deluxe Hardwood Knife Block Set

8 Piece Full Tang Stainless Steel

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Wusthof Classic Deluxe Hardwood KnifeA set of five prep knives in one of Wusthof's oldest patterns, this Classic block set might have been near the top of the heap twenty years ago--now it's a good set that needs some help.

The knives in this assortment cover the full range of kitchen tasks, but they do this with heavy forged blades and forged bolsters that extend all the way to the cutting edges. That's a very strong build, but it's not the most efficient available--better for chopping than for slicing. Now that Japanese styles with narrow bevels and harder steel are available, you'll definitely want to augment this set with a good santoku. A santoku is a great partner for the chef's knife in this set, being much better for slicing work but not built to handle the heavy jobs that these heavier knives are made to take.

The 6" utility knife is the favorite tool of some, good for light slicing and big enough for boning meat. The shorter blade is easy to control and strong enough to withstand twisting stress, important when separating joints . The two smaller knives both fall into the paring knife category, and the rigid blades make sense for trimming work. A thinner blade would be better for peeling, but most use patented tools for that.

These knives are built to last a lifetime, tough enough that neither blades nor riveted full tang slab handles are likely to take any noticeable damage. The 17 slot block is very well made, with room for steak knives, the poultry shears and sharpening steel, and more. With only a few additions you'll have every knife you need.

If less isn't more for you, compare this with the 10-piece Wusthof Gourmet knife block set to see which extra pieces you need.

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