Wusthof Classic Kitchen Chef’s Knife

Solingen 9 Inch Stainless Full Tang Cutlery

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Wusthof Classic Kitchen Chef's Knife The Wusthof 9 Inch Classic Chef's Knife, a staple of Wusthof's Solingen steel cutlery line for decades, is still one of the favorite general purpose knives in American kitchens and in Europe. The design is little changed from the day this knife was first introduced, although materials--both steel and polymer handle--have seen upgrades.

The one piece steel construction, with blade, bolster, and full tang forged from a single bar of Wusthof's special "stain free" steel, is now one of the heavier styles of "cook's knife" on the market. Stamped steel blades of similar quality, using different modern steel alloys, are lighter and do not have the bulky bolster of this forged version. Chefs accustomed to the forged knives still trust them, and the few extra ounces of weight are not the real issue.

Well suited to the heavier chores of the kitchen, the flat ground blade of the Classic Chef can't quite match the precision of a Santoku. Sharpening will be familiar, however, to anyone accustomed to western made knives--after some optional customizing with a flat stone, the edge is easily kept up with a few strokes of a sharpening steel.

The 9" Classic Chef is large enough to make quick work of family scale prep chores, and efficiently chops and minces small or large amounts of vegetables and herbs.

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