Wusthof Classic Offset Deli Knife

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Wusthof Classic Offset Deli Knife For chefs who like the versatility and light weight of a utility knife, this 8" Offset Deli Knife from Wusthof is a step up from the older straight bladed version. One of the drawbacks of the utility style has been the lack of knuckle clearance. Although the straight blade version is handy for small tasks, the last cut through the sandwich brings your hand down to the board and you wind up dragging the point of the blade through the bottom layer.

The forged dropped blade and narrow bolster of the Wusthof Deli knife, offset to provide plenty of finger room, allow you to cut with the cutting edge, not the point, even in the center of your cutting board. The thin blade is long enough to provide plenty of slicing motion even through large submarine style rolls, and the serrated edge makes quick work of hard crusted breads. With some care not to dull the serrations on bone or improper cutting surfaces, the knife will stay sharp much longer than an ordinary plain edge. When it does require work you'll need to send it back to Wusthof for refurbishing.

Narrow enough to serve as a slicing knife for roast meat and poultry, the handle design will give you more reach and finer control when slicing tomatoes, cheese, salami and a full range of other sandwich essentials. Wash and dry immediately after use for best results, and store the knife in a knife block to protect the edge.

If you like the offset handle style, you'll also want to take a look at the Shun Ken Onion Utility Knife.

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