Wusthof Classic Serrated Salami Knife

Kitchen 6 Inch Full Tang Stainless Cutlery

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Wusthof Classic Serrated Salami Knife The single beveled style of this 6" Salami Knife from Wusthof of Solingen, Germany, makes thin slicing of hard salami and other cured sausages accurate and simple. Although the look of the blade is similar to the longer Bread Knife, the bevel style will be harder to control if you choose the Salami knife for dividing hard breads and rolls. In those cases the Salami knife will cut to one side.

This knife makes an excellent service knife for a snack setting, allowing slicing of the spicy treats as needed. In the kitchen it will undoubtedly find use as a small carving knife, for cutting slices from small roasted meats and poultry.

The Salami knife is forged in the stout bolstered full tang pattern at which Wusthof excels, with triple riveted composite handle slabs joined to the tang without gaps. This small knife can withstand considerable pressure, but with proper technique that shouldn't be required.

Serrated blades are known for long lasting edges, but to extend that as far as possible hand washing is recommended. Both the harsh detergents and vibration of the dishwasher cycle can be tough on edge and finish. Serrated blades must be resharpened at the factory, so a little extra care saves trouble.

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