Wusthof Classic Knife Starter Set

2 Pc Stainless Steel Chef’s, Paring Blade

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Wusthof Classic Stainless Steel Knife 2An eight inch forged stainless steel chef's knife and a 3 1/2" paring knife of equal quality were Wusthof's choices for a starter set, recommended for someone just beginning to outfit a home kitchen or take the jump towards professional level tools. Buying knife sets can be a little scary. Many people are afraid of making wrong choices and winding up with knives that aren't worth the money.

If you are beginning to explore what it's like to cook with good tools, this is a decent choice both in types of blades and in quality. The drawback is that people don't often buy good knives; when you do, they can last a lifetime. These heavier forged knives will so far outshine the cheap blunt instruments most of us begin with that you may not want anything else but Wusthof. This really does happen.

What should be considered today are the new options in kitchen knives--new alloys and processes have made full sized knives lighter in weight and better at keeping an edge. Western styles like these dishwasher safe, full tang, forged bolster models from Solingen, Germany, are still good, but you may also want to try a fresh approach and a newer style of knife.

I like forged blades but today when the industry is making revolutionary changes in old processes, take a look at what's new as well as what's tried and true. New can be better.

If you want to add a mid-sized utility knife to your set, no need to worry -- Wusthof has already done that for you in this 3-piece starter set.

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