Wusthof Classic Steak Knife Set, 4 Piece

Forged Full Tang Stainless Steel

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Wusthof Classic Steak Knife Set Many steak knives stamped from high carbon stainless steel function well enough as tableware, but in the kitchen will bend when applied to tougher chores. This set of four forged steak knives, with the piercing point blades most of us prefer, are counterparts in miniature of Wusthof's fine line of chef's cutlery, yet perfectly shaped for table use.

Forged steel blades, forged bolsters, and full length tang handles with triple riveted polymer handle slabs will hold up fine even as utility or paring knives in the kitchen, yet the simple lines and clean looks of this Wusthof set go well with many contemporary table settings. The plain edge (without serrations) might not be what we've come to expect from restaurant knives that get thrown out when they're too dull to cut, but this traditional edge can be easily maintained and quickly restored at home.

Cleanup is easy. The knives are dishwasher safe and actually fare well when cleaned by machine. Hand washing is still an excellent idea, but a good compromise is to beware of lemony cleaners which may be just acidic enough to etch the steel. By hand or by machine, a mild detergent is the best.

As the light weight competition of stamped blades reaches ever higher levels of quality, companies like Wusthof which still cling to the old ways of forged steel craftsmanship find it harder to compete. The weight difference is often the issue--in a steak knife, the weight difference is small. Here you get the strength of forged steel without the ergonomic worries.

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