Wusthof Classic Utility Knife

Kitchen Stainless Steel Full Tang Cutlery 4 1/2 Inch

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Wusthof Classic Utility Knife In a pinch this one knife, the 4 1/2" Utility blade from Wusthof's Classic series, can fill all the gaps between the paring knife and the cook's blade. Some chefs say it's the one prep tool they always have at hand.

Useful for boning fish, poultry, and meat as well as slicing vegetables and coring fruit, the utility knife is light enough to allow fine control and lessen hand fatigue. The forged bolster and strong blade are tough enough to withstand twisting and bending pressures, so it can be used to separate joints of meat and cut out gristle. In larger knives, the better grades of stamped steel blades are very competitive and even better for many purposes than the older forged styles. For smaller knives like this one, forged blades still make good sense, adding both strength and versatility.

Wusthof's alloy steel holds a good edge but is chosen for other factors as well; tensile strength and stain resistance are given equal importance. The resulting edge has been beveled in the wide V that most Western cutlers prefer. The knife has a cutting edge that is strong, resistant to chipping, and easily sharpened. A touch-up with a honing steel daily will probably be the most it needs.

The triple riveted synthetic slab handles are fastened to the full length tang with gap free perfection. Dishwasher safe, the knife's polish and edge will be better cared for by hand washing and drying, immediately after use.

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