Wusthof Classic White Santoku

Kitchen Cutlery | 5 Inch Full Tang Stainless Steel

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Wusthof Classic White Santoku A very good looking but rather small forged slicing knife, the Wusthof 5" Classic White Santoku has the usual high quality Wusthof features but with a striking ivory white composite handle. Other aspects of the build are dependable rather than unusual. Wusthof's forged pattern Santoku's are a little heavier than stamped versions but not unwieldy. The strong blades with forged bolsters and full tang riveted handles have the familiar multiple hollows of the traditional Japanese Chef's knife, with just a touch of Western strength added.

These knives are honed at the Wusthof factory, but particular chefs will find adjusting the bevel grind to their own specifications a rather simple procedure, since Solingen steel both holds an edge well and sharpens easily. Bolsters add some strength to the blades but are small enough to be out of the way when cutting.

The hollow grind pattern, or granton, forms air pockets between the food and the surface of the blade, reducing friction as the knife slides through the cut and usually preventing sliced food from stacking up on the back of the blade. Vegetables can be cut in narrower sections without distorting, important both for quick cooking and final appearance.

This Wusthof knife requires very little maintenance. A quick hand wash and dry is recommended after use, and the edge can be touched up easily with a sharpening steel.

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