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Wusthof Gourmet Deluxe Knife Block Set I've never been a big fan of knife block sets. They rarely offer what I would consider to be the optimal mix of knives and offer poor value as they often have more "filler" knives than the types of knives which are most useful.

This set is no exception to that rule. I see little reason for a set to offer two paring knives, a short 8" bread knife, or a set of steak knives. One parer is quite sufficient. Bread knives are usually far more useful if they're at least ten inches in length. When the average set of dishes in most homes consists of a place setting for eight, six steak knives seems a bit silly, not to mention the fact that a decent set of steak knives can be had at a nominal cost, as can a decent knife block.

To be fair, the Gourmet line offered by Wusthof is made from the same steel used in their more expensive "forged" knives, although the thinner stamped construction won't hold up to rougher treatment of which the forged lines are capable of withstanding. Even though the stamped blades can't take a lot of abuse, the thinner blades will perform more efficiently than the thick heavy forged blades.

This set may hold some attraction for a home cook because it seems to offer so much, but Wusthof offers better knives in their forged lines and in terms of sheer value, a cook can achieve better value and performance for their knife buying dollars by carefully selecting individual knives in lieu of this set.

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