Wusthof Grand Prix 2 Santoku Knife Block Set

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Wusthof Grand Prix 2 Santoku KnifeAlthough this is a high quality starter set, to say that these three Wusthof knives plus a sharpening steel and kitchen shears will handle all the work of the average kitchen is not accurate. You will need more, and the storage block does have room for them.

In this set you have a good start, unless you eat meat. The santoku is designed for slicing vegetables, and even though this forged steel santoku is stronger than most, it is not the general purpose workhorse knife that the old Chef's or cook's knife pattern is. Wusthof grinds the multiple hollows of this Santoku's granton very close to the edge, as well, and this does make the blade less capable of heavy work like chopping through small bones or frozen food. The width of the Santoku blade will also get in the way if you try the Santoku on cooked meats.

The serrated edge bread knife can double as a carving knife, but it isn't right for separating joints of meat or dividing hard squash, or in general the tough jobs that require stiff blades, thick edges, and leverage. If you buy this set you should certainly shop around for a good carving knife, chef's knife, and boning or utility knife to fill it out.

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