Wusthof Grand Prix 2 Filet Knife

Stainless Steel Fixed Blade w/ Sheath

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Wusthof Grand Prix 2 Stainless SteelKitchen knives rarely turn out to be practical in field conditions. In situations where knives can be used for purposes no one expected, ordinary cutlery doesn't last. This 7 inch forged stainless steel filet knife from Wusthof of Solingen, Germany, probably won't be called upon to do anything but clean fish and take some hard knocks, but it won't be out of place either at the cleaning station or the butcher block at home.

Forged steel shaped to perfection by careful grinding and polishing--the results judged by the unwavering opinions of laser guided machinery--makes this special filet blade strong yet unbelievably thin and flexible. Keep it sharp and it will slip along the bone with ease. The extra heft where blade meets bolster protects your fingers without getting in the way of the work, and puts extra strength where the knife needs it most.

A full length tang (fully enclosed in the composite, gap free handle) is solidly held in place with an oversized rivet of stainless steel, imprinted with the Wusthof trident. It's a delicate shape that wouldn't hold up with inferior materials and manufacturing methods, but it's not a delicate knife.

A high quality and perfectly functional leather holster belt sheath also accompanies the Wusthof Grand Prix 2. You won't need to throw it in your tackle box when you're done with the fish.

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