Wusthof Cook’s Knife, 9 Inch

Forged Chef’s Cutlery Stainless Steel Grand Prix II

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Wusthof Grand Prix II Cook's Knife Tailored to fit large hands and do big jobs, this 9" Grand Prix II Cook's Knife from Wusthof of Solingen, Germany, is the classic general purpose cook's blade of the European kitchen. Designed to do most of the work available, the cook's or chef's knife is a multi-purpose tool meant for small jobs like mincing herbs, big jobs like chopping bones, and everything between. Like the kitchen cleaver of the Orient, if you have only one knife, this could be it.

Since most of today's chefs lean towards a full range of cutlery, the fine points of the cook's blade have mostly slipped away, and today its main task is much the same as the Japanese santoku--slicing vegetables. Capable of much more than the thinner santoku blade, this stout forged knife can do heavy work like dividing hard squash or frozen food. In slicing work it's more of a chopper than a cutter, since the forged bolster extends all the way to the cutting edge. Many of us have grown up with cook's knife methods, though, and the rocking motion of the chef's blade carries on even when we shift over to santoku. I'm guilty of that, too.

There's such a difference in action between these two styles of knives that I recommend having both. For the cook's knife side of that pair of essential tools, this is a good traditional choice, with the strengths of the old forged patterns and some modern concessions to ergonomic handle design. The design is sanitary, the polypropylene handle permanently bonded to the full rat tail tang, and the blade is stain free if properly hand washed and hand dried after use.

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