Wusthof Grand Prix II Cook’s Knife

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Wusthof Grand Prix II Cook's Knife Many years ago I had practical reasons to learn some things about old hand tools and the way things were done before "one size fits all" technology became standard. Today the kitchen is one of the few places where those old rules still apply, which is why I like the 6" Grand Prix Cook's Knife from Wusthof. It doesn't fit all; it's a perfect fit for some.

The cook's knife is one of those old tools from past centuries that has fallen on hard times today, being slowly supplanted by new inventions, but it's still one of the most versatile knives in the kitchen. Usually the one supplied with block sets is the biggest available, as much cleaver as prep knife, and people with smaller hands find it awkward. In other times, tools were made to match the person in the way that tailored clothes are today; in small hands this 6" knife will do the work an 8" blade will do in meatier paws.

The cook's knife, an old European style, was traditionally sharpened in three different ways--a thin edge at the tip, for mincing and piercing work; a medium bevel at midpoint, for quick slicing work; and a thick bevel near the bolster, for heavy chopping. Today's knives are not that advanced, usually having the same bevel for the length of the blade, but perfectionists can still adapt that to the old ways.

This full tang stainless steel knife, with forged blade and bolster and rat tail tang, sports a modern ergonomic handle to ease the load on wrists and hands. It isn't the little knife that augments the big one--if you have small hands, it's the knife that fits.

Here's a Grand Prix II gift set that includes two other knives with the cook's knife.

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