Wusthof Grand Prix II Offset Deli Knife

Serrated 8 Inch Stainless Steel

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Wusthof Grand Prix II Offset Deli Knife The Grand Prix II version of the Wusthof 8 inch Offset Deli Knife offers one piece forged construction with a less rustic look than Wusthof's standard slab handled patterns. This versatile knife uses a full length rat tail tang concealed within an ergonomic black polypropylene handle, permanently fixed in place by a single stainless steel rivet stamped with the Trident logo.

The offset pattern increases the versatility of this utility or deli blade, often used in sandwich prep for slicing meat, tomatoes and the entire range of sandwich fillings as well as for dividing the finished product. Sharp serrations ease the blade through hard crusts and tender stacks without disrupting the structure of the food.

Usually the problem comes when you reach the bottom crust. The narrow blade of the straight version leaves no knuckle room for working close to the board, and the last cut is often made with the point of the blade. The dropped blade style of this offset knife allows the cutting edge to be used for the finishing cut, even when you work in the center of the board.

Take care not to damage the teeth of this knife by cutting across bone or working on anything other than wooden or plastic cutting boards. The serrated edge will stay sharp longer than the usual plain edge, but can't be sharpened except at the factory. Wash the knife by hand and rub it dry with a towel before storing it away in a proper storage block.

Wusthof also makes an offset bread knife as a part of the Gourmet collection.

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