Wusthof Hardwood Knife Block

Kitchen Countertop Cutlery Storage

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Wusthof Hardwood Knife Block Not all of us need a knife block set with 17 knives in the assortment. Some of us just need the block. Careful shoppers and the budget minded often put together a full array of kitchen blades one or two at a time, winding up with good knives with handles that don't match.

If you have a set of knives you already love, put together over years of searching and trial, Wusthof has a place to keep them. Whether you own half a dozen favorites or a massive set of thirty something, there's a beautiful hardwood knife block backed by Wusthof's guarantee.

In 9, 17, 25 and 35 slot sizes these stable and sanitary blocks add to the decor of the kitchen while providing safe and easy access to the most needed kitchen tools. If counter space is at a premium in your kitchen, consider the 25 slot swivel block that turns the knife array aside when not in use. For larger kitchens, the 35 slot cherry wood block has space for nearly every blade, including slots for 8 steak knives.

High friction rubber feet keep the blocks securely in place and above any liquid spills. An occasional rubdown with mineral oil is the best treatment for the polished surfaces of these quality kitchen fixtures.

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