Wusthof Ikon Diamond Knife & Shears Sharpener

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Wusthof Ikon Diamond Knife & ShearsOn the coarse side of this machine is a slot with diamond abrasive rods for quick removal of steel; on the fine side, a matching slot with two ceramic rods to refine the edge. A few strokes through each, and if all goes well, your knife should be ready for a final honing with a kitchen sharpening steel. Centered in the device is a floating ceramic rod which should adjust to the bevel of a scissors blade and strop the edge at the correct angle. This sharpener is set to the bevel of European cutlery, not the thin edges of Japanese blades.

Some drawbacks to this type of sharpener have been overcome by the introduction of the diamond rods--these abrasives are nearly permanent, while ceramic rods tend to wear away and lose effectiveness. Diamond can remove a lot of steel, so be careful not to overuse this gadget. Use it to restore the bevel when necessary, but most of your sharpening--the daily variety--should be with the sharpening steel.

Although the ceramic slot is said to produce a sharp edge on serrated knives, do not expect the kind of accurate restoration you'd get from a factory refurbishing. Many finer knives come with a lifetime warranty that includes restoring serrated edges for free if you pay the postage. If you run that same knife through this machine and don't like the results, you may have voided your warranty. Try that on something cheap first.

As for the floating ceramic scissors sharpener, probably you'll get good results for awhile. When the ceramic begins to wear away, results will be not so good. When that happens, remember it's not the fault of the scissors.

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  1. Charlie Kennedy Says:

    The instructions on the IKON 3 stage sharpener (model # 2909)say ” “simply rotate the diamond rods for use on another side, and remove the ceramic stones for cleaning”

    Does anyone know how to do this?

    Is this a periodic maintenance, and not after each use?