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Wusthof Swivel Hardwood Knife StorageAvailable in several different hardwoods including oak, beechwood and walnut, with some forethought this 22 slot knife storage block from Wusthof can be a beautiful and useful addition to your kitchen.

Designed specifically for Wusthof products, this well made block will accept many other brands, with four slots large enough for full size chef's knives, eight more slots for narrower prep blades and two specialty slots for a sharpening steel and kitchen shears. Not all kitchen shears will fit the Wusthof block, which is designed for poultry shears with a narrow build.

Eight steak knife slots fitted to the front of the main block may sit too low for some knife types. Check whether your favorite set extends blade tips beyond the base, or the first swivel may scratch the bottom board.

The swivel mount is most useful when the block is placed on a kitchen island or stand-alone counter, giving you full access to your knife set from any side of the work station. Placed flush against a wall, the block won't rotate fully, and if 360 degree access isn't really needed you'd be better off with a stationary block.

Make sure you choose a spot for your knife block that is away from sources of heat and steam; either one can cause the wood to warp and crack.

Here's another 22-slot storage block without the swivel.

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