Wusthof Trident Culinar Bread Knife

Solingen Stainless Steel Satin Finish 9 Inch

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Wusthof Trident Culinar Bread Knife The perfectly formed 18/10 cutlery grade stainless steel handle of this excellent bread and pastry knife from Wusthof of Solingen, Germany, is a beautiful match for the nine inch serrated blade of polished German alloy stain free steel. The result is efficient, ergonomic, and an excellent choice for the dining service as well as the kitchen.

The stud at the base of the handle, bearing the trident logo of Wusthof, doubles as the rivet that holds the satin finish handle to the concealed rat tail tang. A forged bolster gives added strength to blade and to handle.

The extra length of this razor sharp serrated blade allows more control of fine cuts when working with delicate breads and cakes. The serrations also make short work of tougher jobs like hard crusted breads. When eventually the knife does need sharpening, it will be a job for the factory, but the knife should not need much attention under normal use except for hand washing and drying. This knife is rated dishwasher safe but both appearance and function fare better if cleaned by hand.

If you choose to use this knife as a carving knife as well, which some people do, cutting through meat and occasionally into bone will make this knife less effective as a fine pastry cutter. The edge will stay in good shape much longer if used for the purpose intended.

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