Wusthof Trident Mezzaluna Knife Set

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Wusthof Trident Mezzaluna Knife Set Mezzaluna sets often have more character than function, but this mincing knife and cutting board set from Wusthof actually works. The solid hardwood block has a wide and deep bowl, big enough for mincing and chopping small amounts of herbs without making a huge mess. The cutting block sits on rubber feet that prevent it from skating over the counter top during the work, and protect the board from water damage when set aside.

The 8" Mezzaluna blade, cut from tempered Solingen stainless steel, is compression riveted to the sturdy black plastic handle that is seamlessly molded to the blade back. The handle design allows use with one or both hands, the knife itself being large enough for efficient grip and cutting motion.

Many Mezzalunas come out of the box looking like a bad idea, with loose fitting turned handles and thin double blades that are blunt and impossible to sharpen. This one is different. The single blade is sharp and obviously made for work. Resharpening will still be tricky, but the low profile of the handle and the amount of steel you have to work with makes sharpening with a flat diamond hone practical, if not simple. The blade is designed to chop nuts as well as herbs and veggies, and the steel can withstand a few nutshell fragments without blunting or chipping. For best maintenance results, oil the board and handwash the knife after use.

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