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Wusthof Wide Drawer Knife Storage Tray This Wusthof solid oak In-Drawer Storage Tray is one of those simple but brilliant ideas that makes you wish you'd thought of it yourself. If you don't have a knife block, or space for one, this storage system is a perfect alternative that fits in most kitchen drawers. Find another drawer for everything else, though, because it may take up all the room.

Eight separate solid hardwood ribs sit loosely on a felt backing when placed in the drawer, and knife blades slide neatly between. Knife handles ride on top of the ribs for easy retrieval, and both edges and drawer bottom are protected by the heavy felt. Two different sections accommodate knives of different lengths--for best arrangement alternate one long and one short knife, giving the system a total slot number of 14. That's six long knives up front and eight short knives in the back row, with enough room in the center for a sharpening steel as well.

Small slots in the end section of each rib could hold a row of steak knives or paring knives. Edges are protected, fingers are protected, everything's in easy reach, and it's all conveniently placed in the same drawer where you used to just throw things.

And here's a nice hardwood storage block for those of you who prefer storing your cutlery on your countertops.

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