Yachting Chefs To Compete Against Chopped’s Jackie Lee

Posted by on Apr 7

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yachting-chef-jamie-leeChef Jackie Lee, winner of The Food Network's latest hit reality show Chopped, has decided that one win just isn't enough.

Jackie Lee has announced that she would like to compete against chefs in a more specialized, luxurious niche: the yachting industry. Furthermore, this competition is an open invitation to any and all yacht chefs who feel they could out-cook Chopped's latest winner.

The competition will be held April 24, 7 p.m., at The Grateful Palate restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Audience members are invited to witness this team cooking challenge. Complimentary wine and canapes will be provided to guests, who must pay $60 to attend the event.

Teams will be given a protein, a "mystery" component, and unlimited access to The Grateful Palate's food store. A timed cook-off will then determine which team can present the best three-course meal.

Judging this competition are The Grateful Palate's Executive Chef David Learmonth, Catering Director Beverly Grant, and Head Chef John Sherman. Additionally, a surprise guest judge will be chosen from the audience, provided they are a peer chef in the yachting industry.

Those interested in attending or competing are requested to contact Meghan Leckey by April 17 at: mleckey@thegratefulpalate.net. or 954-467-1998.

Source: Triton Megayacht News

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