Zojirushi Rice Cooker, Vegatable Steamer & Warmer

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Zojirushi Rice Cooker, VegatableThis perfect marriage of rice cooker and steamer means fantastic results for your waistline and any healthy eating plan This is the Asian equivalent of a Crock Pot, or one pot meal. Meat, seafood, eggs, veggies, or tofu can go inside along with your rice. The rice cooks without monitoring and comes out perfect no matter which type you prefer. Thanks to the nonstick pan, cleanup is simple and easy. There's never a burned mess in the bottom of the pan like you see from stovetop rice.

I could eat rice for every meal. It is that versatile a food. Healthier than pasta and potatoes, I can enjoy it by itself, create a saucy risotto, top it with quick fried vegetables, or use it to prepare desserts. With the extensive availability of various grains and types, rice consumption never has to be boring.

The pot size is perfect for two or three people. The process is simple and adjustable. Variations in the amount of liquid used can fine-tune the rice to your ideal texture. Add some bouillon and herbs for a flavorful burst. For a cool summer treat and salad alternative, prepare the rice, allow it to cool, and toss in a variety of finely chopped fresh herbs and vegetables.

If you prefer to do your vegetable steaming via stovetop, here's a nice Calphalon steamer set.

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